September 2, 2014

John Macdonald

Staff Writer

Tucker Cheyne '13

Staff Writer

The Ultimate Showdown: Frisbee at Longman

Published on July 19, 2011 in Sports
by John Macdonald (Staff Writer), Tucker Cheyne '13 (Staff Writer)

First Annual Spring Party Yields Fun, Competition

Rain fell from the heavens, thunder boomed in the distance and lightning lit up the sky, testing the world’s determination, courage, and passion. The courageous few heroes willing to face the trials and tribulations laid forth by the gods of wind and rain stood valiantly in the four corners of the LC turf. Although some people would have deemed the weather terrible, four alliances of five men each found the conditions perfect for all-out battle. These teams were united for a single common interest: to huck some disk. The event, planned for rain or shine, was the first annual Longman Lawn Party, which included a barbecue and ultimate frisbee tournament. The four distinct parties were the Longman Boys, the Faculty, Flagg Hall and the Day Students. Each and every team brought to the table a specific and distinct skills set and play style. The Longman Boys connected quick short passes, weaving webs through opposing defenses straight to the goal. The Faculty used their overpowering size differential to physically beat up on enemies. Flagg Hall threw "Hail Marys" deep in the end zone. Lastly, the Day Students played together with unmatchable chemistry.

The roots of the Longman Lawn Party stemmed from the viral outbreak of on-campus frisbee playing this year. The Longman denizens saw frisbee as an opportunity to bring students together for fun and healthy interaction, which spurred the idea of starting an annual spring party. After a great amount of planning and support from faculty, prefects and other residents of Longman, the Longman Lawn Party finally arrived. Though the weather did not cooperate, members of the Loomis Chaffee community were still able to enjoy each other’s company.

The tournament began after many friendly practice throws among all those in attendance. Once the teams met and set the rules, the whistle was blown. Each team played every other team and the single best record won. At stake were five 15 dollar Subway gift cards, paid for and provided by the Longman Boys. The games were fought hard; everyone sought to quench his undying thirst for victory. Matches ended with players barely breathing, blood pouring from knees and elbows, sweat flowing over eyebrows and eyes full of beastly ferociousness.

After all the games were played, one team stood on the podium. Not a single contender forgot the importance of sportsmanship. The champions of the first-ever annual Longman Lawn Party were the Day Student Boys with a record of 3-0. Congratulations to Wyatt French ’13, Robert Francalangia ’13, John Macdonald ’13, Tucker Cheyne ’13 and David Olio ’13.

Although the tournament had ended, the day had only just begun. Dozens of people left the turf seeking to satisfy well-deserved appetites and the Longman Boys were prepared to grill. Burgers and hot dogs hit the grill and the sweet smell of barbecue filled the air around Longman. Festivities carried on late into the night, never ceasing to be entertaining and enjoyable. On behalf of everyone in attendance, we would like to thank Longman Dormitory for a wonderful spring party.