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Alex Lasko '12

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How to deal with a Loomis Relationship

Published on March 1, 2012 in Features
by Alex Lasko '12 (Staff Writer)

Sup, Loomis?

Welcome back to Snug(glin’) Time. Miss me? Yeah, I know you did. If you were all wondering where I was, I am  now only published in every other issue. I’m slowly being pushed out!

OK, so today we’re going to talk about the differences between the many types of relationships that sprout from the diverse groups of students here at Loomis Chaffee. The three primary groups we have are the day student-day student, the boarder-boarder, and the boarder-day student relationships. I have spoken to and interviewed a couple from each of these categories; for the sake of the privacy of everyone involved, however, I have kept their names confidential.

To clarify, the purpose of this article isn’t to prove whether one type of relationship is better than the other, nor is it to make a statement about boarders being better than day students or vice versa. It isn’t  even to encourage you boarders out there to go grab yourselves a day student for the added benefits of access to a car. It is simply to encourage people to examine their own dating situations and see what issues apply to you! Our goal here is to make you both happy and informed!

I won’t lie: some of these pairings have it much easier than the others. For example, if you are a day student dating a day student, your life is very easy. But if you are a boarder dating a boarder (this isn’t a statement that defines every case) then you might want to murder your significant other after two weeks simply because you are sick of their face. For boarder-day student couples, yes you may have a car to share in between you, but you also have to deal with permission slips so your life isn’t easy either.

So here, my friends, are some insights into the lives of various couples at Loomis.

*  *  *
Pros and cons of day student-day student relationships

“Well, Alex, I have to say, the whole never-having-to-deal-with-getting-a-per thing and the whole weekend check-in thing are really quite fantastic. I also never have to worry about getting deuced by my parents. Being day students provides ample space away from the LC “gossip,” so our private lives are never intertwined with the talk of the school. Consequently, however, we also miss out on some of the social aspects of Loomis on the weekends because we spend our time together instead of with the community. On the bright side, we both are able to go out on actual dates (to places other than The Tavern and Whistle Stop Cafe) and we don’t have to hang out in the Snug if we want to spend time together. Overall, I would say things are easier all around. The only issues we ever really have are with our own parents telling us when we have to come home and what we are and are not allowed to do.” - Anonymous

Pros and cons of boarder-boarder relationships

“Perks are that we can see each other a lot. Drawbacks are that we can get on each other’s nerves because we are sometimes unable to escape each other, since we are both stuck on the Island 24/7.  Another drawback is that we have issues getting any privacy; I mean sure we can interdorm but that means we get 15 minute checkups from whatever dorm faculty is on duty.  We also can never really go out because neither of us has a car or means to get off campus. Yes, there are trips to the mall and movies and stuff like that but those involve faculty members’ supervision as well. And long breaks like summer can be an issue because we live on opposite sides of the country.” - Anonymous

Pros and cons of boarder-day student relationships

“Well one of the pros is that there is one car between us so we can go out together if we want, but there is the issue of them getting pers, and the boarder only being able to stay out for so long. Escaping for the occasional Dunkin’ Donuts run is always a plus. We have access to both being at home and being a part of the Loomis campus. However, we tend to have more problems with jealousy, because one of us can’t always get off campus, and the other can’t always be at Loomis, so weekends can be stressful. We’ve had fights started by one of us being suspicious about what the other is doing on the weekends  since we aren’t together. Plus our friend groups spread out over a large variety of people, which makes it hard for us to both hang out with our buds at the same time. But I guess it’s nice because we don’t have to spend 24/7 together but when we do find time to go off campus, it’s kind of relaxing for us both.”- Anonymous

*  *  *
So there it is: the self evaluations and pros and cons of  relationships at Loomis Chaffee. Don’t forget, if you want me to ever include your suggestions or answer questions on relationship issues, please don’t hesitate to email me! Or, if you are a day student with a car, don’t hesitate to send me your number... (We have fun here at Snug(glin’) Time). Till next time, Loomis.