September 1, 2014

Write for Us

A newspaper is only as good as its writers. Fortunately, LC is full of good writers. We just need you to step forward and at the very least try it out. E-mail an editor; send in an op-ed piece; write a letter to the editor!

Plus, it's great experience. The Log print edition is distributed to 1500 people and the web site is read by thousands more. We welcome writers of any level of experience and interest.

So what can you write?

News: breaking stories or longer investigative reports; news analysis, news in brief -- the list goes on

Opinion: take your stance on an issue by sending in an op-ed piece (to, respond to another piece you've read with a letter to the editor (send to the same e-mail); maybe even become a columnist!

Features: the Log's potpourri of sorts -- you'll find everything from humour to profiles to feature reports to restaurant and art reviews. The key is that features brings to light what isn't news and what otherwise might go unknown on campus, and puts new perspective on all the rest.

Sports: blow-by-blow game recounts, analysis of larger trends, interviews -- sports journalism is fun and flexible

We're also interested in cartoonists, graphic designers, web designers and photographers!


We know you want to write. Now just e-mail to sign up right away. Also feel free to contact any of the editors listed here.


You can find policies, guidelines and anything else you could possibly need right here in the Writer's Manual.


Anonymity policy: the Log will only publish anonymous quotations or articles if the Editors in Chief decide that anonymity is necessary for the integrity of the piece or the privacy or security of those involved in an issue. In general, anonymity should be avoided.

Please note that only current Loomis Chaffee students are permitted to serve on the Log staff. Op-ed submissions and letters to the editor are welcomed from anyone.