September 1, 2014

About the Log

The Loomis Chaffee Log is the official student newspaper of The Loomis Chaffee School. The print edition is published biweekly during the school year by an Editorial Board of 20 students. Every aspect of production, including the web site, is handled entirely by students. The Log print edition is distributed for free to all members of the Loomis Chaffee community and sent to a mailing list of parents and alumni.

Mission & Standards:

1. The Log will seek to unify and connect the Loomis Chaffee community through relevant and timely stories, promoting awareness, piquing interest and inciting debate.

2. The Log will focus primarily on its audience on the Loomis Chaffee campus.

3. The Log will not publish anything libelous, obscene, tasteless or detrimental to the immediate health of the Loomis Chaffee community. 


The Loomis Chaffee Log was originally founded as The Loomis Log, the student newspaper of the Loomis Institute, in 1915, the year after the Institute itself was founded. Headmaster Nathaniel Horton Batchelder served as the first faculty adviser. In the decades afterwards, it evolved significantly. Its originally staid look and tone were scrapped in the 1960s in favor of bold news stories, strident opinions and a modern layout. During that period, the Log won several awards and was named the best student newspaper in the state of Connecticut. In 1971, as the Loomis School (renamed from the Loomis Institute) for boys merged with the Chaffee School for girls, the Log merged with the Chaffee Chiel to form the Loomis Chaffee Log. In the 1980s and 1990s the Log again took on a more traditional feel, and switched to digital layout production. As part of a larger effort to make the Log a more relevant part of student life on campus, the Log in 2011 published its first ever color issue. You can read more about recent changes to the Log here.

About the Log online

After years of various unsuccessful plans to go online, the Log finally went online in 2009 under Editors in Chief Claire Conway '10 and Nick Judson '10. The site, built within Loomis Chaffee's main web system, continued to grow into 2011 until Editors in Chief Sojin Kim '12 and Izzy Kornblatt '12 decided to develop a new, independent site. The new Log online was designed by Kornblatt with developer Milo Hansen. It is hosted by Bluehost and powered by Newscoop. It was launched on July 18, 2011.

About Loomis Chaffee

Loomis Chaffee is a renowned New England boarding school located on a 300-acre campus in Windsor, Connecticut. Chartered in 1874 by five siblings whose children all died tragically and who then selflessly determined to found a school as a gift to the children of others, Loomis Chaffee provides a superb education for boys and girls regardless of religious or political beliefs, national origin or financial resources. You can learn more at the Loomis Chaffee web site.